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Ore Generation

[Mod] Ore Generation Mod for Android – Much Faster!

AA cobblestone generator classic Minecraft contraption is the trustworthy cobblestone generator. However, nobody really needs cobblestone to be generated for them when the underground is full of it! Conveniently, MrAndyPE’s new BlockLauncher addon lets you make contraptions for ore generation, rather than stone generation.

In this mod, the classic cobblestone generator now has a chance of generating a rare ore instead of cobblestone. This makes it much easier for players to collect special resources!

Screenshots of ore generation

Screenshots of ore generation

Most of the time it will still generate cobblestone.

This mod only works on Android and requires BlockLauncher.

MrAndyMC is on Twitter and the Minecraft Forums.

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  • luis commented on 24/03/2018 Reply

    es bueno el juego!!!’

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  • Mateo commented on 07/11/2017 Reply

    Me gustó mucho

  • Renato commented on 06/11/2017 Reply

    O mapa é legal

  • Katie commented on 05/11/2017 Reply

    How does this work?
    I think it is good

  • Katie commented on 05/11/2017 Reply

    How does this work?

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