AT-AT walkers from Star Wars in Minecraft

[Mod] Star Wars Characters Addon for Minecraft

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi scheduled for release in December this year, now’s certainly time to experience the Star Wars universe entirely in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The adorable R2-D2 and BB8 are two of the many droids you can tame and keep as a cheeky sidekick.

Of course, just like in the Star Wars universe, you’ve always gotta be on your toes. The empire’s droids are out there too, ready to kill you and your droids.

RD-D2 from Star Wars in Minecraft

R2-D2 replaces the spider, and can protect his owner by shooting lasers at any threats. Conveniently, R2-D2 can also store 5 stacks of items, so can also act as a suitcase. He’s neutral at first, but can be befriended with redstone. As a droid, he is vulnerable to water.

C2-B5, a Star Wars droid serving the empire

C2-D5 replaces the cave spider, and is an astromech droid serving the Galactic Empire. It’s hostile to players, and will shoot them with lasers. It will also shoot Rebel Alliance droids like R2-D2 and BB-8, so if you spawn a bunch of them around each other, you can watch them fight it out together!

BB-8 from Star Wars

BB-8, the adorable astromech droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is also included in this addon. BB-8 replaces creepers, and tries to avoid players. He’s a little nervous like that! BB-8 can be attracted and tamed with redstone. Like R2-D2, BB-8 can also hold 5 stacks of items.

AT-AT walkers from Star Wars in Minecraft

The AT-AT walker also features, replacing pigs.

There’s a pilot sitting in the head, which you ought to shoot first. Only when the pilot is killed will the AT-AT stop shooting blasters at you. Even with the pilot dead, the walker will continue to shoot fireballs at you, and stormtroopers will sometimes drop out the bottom and join the walker in the attack.

Star Wars stormtroopers

Stormtroopers are the melee units of the Galactic Empire, equipped with E-11 blasters which they use to kill rebels (like you). They’ve got 10-12 hearts, and have an 80% spawn rate.

Death Troopers from Star Wars

The other 20% spawns a Death Trooper. These guys are like Stormtroopers, but have a longer attack range and more health.

Rebel Soldiers

Rebel Soldiers are members of the Rebel Alliance. These guys are quite afraid of the Galactic Empire so will run away if they have to. As they’re on your side, you can give them a blaster and they’ll join you in battle.

Star Wars armour suits in Minecraft

The suits of armour include Stormtrooper armour, Rebel armour, a Jedi Robe and a Death Trooper suit. As shown in the picture, the addon also features a number of different lightsabers.

Star Wars E-11 rifle

Not only that, but players can also use the E-11 rifle held by Stormtroopers.

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    Quero muito esse add-on

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    Buenisimo xdxd

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    Je veux trop ce mod pour ma video

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    It says iOS but I can’t download on IOS so…………

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