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Footscray City

[Map] Huge Minecraft Metropolis: Footscray City

Footscray City is a huge city with a wide maze of streets and buildings to explore. It’s quite similar to what you’d see if Minecraft had naturally generated cities. There’s also four unique biomes surrounding the city!

Thanks to Republic of Astoria for creating such a great map!

Footscray City Footscray City Footscray City

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  • Mazie commented on 06/02/2019 Reply

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  • Máté commented on 31/12/2018 Reply

    Szeretem a minecraftot

  • Cleyber commented on 15/10/2018 Reply

    Muito legau o mapa

  • Calvan commented on 08/09/2018 Reply

    E Self adhjfetvfHTH#&#@+åzj

  • Bruno commented on 16/02/2018 Reply

    É muito daóra

  • MASTER GAMER PLAY commented on 04/02/2018 Reply


  • Leo commented on 26/01/2018 Reply

    Me gusta este pack

  • Luis dlgustavo commented on 13/01/2018 Reply

    O mapa e legal

  • pepin pro commented on 09/01/2018 Reply

    muy bonito mapa

  • Gilbert commented on 31/12/2017 Reply


  • Joshua commented on 25/12/2017 Reply

    Como se descarga

  • TeraCube commented on 09/11/2017 Reply

    Super video 😉
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