MCPE Stuffs is a Minecraft: Pocket Edition news website, where we feature the best content made for the game (i.e. Maps, Mods, Texture Packs, Tutorials, & Skins). In the process of doing so, our team also writes articles about community news and events. 

Posts on the website are often written by owner PocketMines, Senior Author cozydude, and a handful of other authors.

Majority of in-game content posted on the website is pulled from MCPE Hub and MCPE Universe. If this is the case, download links will redirect to the original forum post on one of those websites, and not to the actual download page for the content (unless we have permission from the content creator to use direct download links). 

If you would like your content to be featured on the website, please visit our submission page, and fill out the areas shown. 

If you have seen your content posted on MCPE Stuffs and would like it removed, never hesitate to contact us on Twitter or email the admin (pocketmines[at]mcpesrtuffs.com) and ask us to take down the post(s). 

MCPE Stuffs is hosted by contact us on Twitter, or send PocketMines an e-mail at pocketmines[at]mcpestuffs.com. 

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