If you’re new here, the team wants to start off by saying welcome! Posting to the site is quite simple, and doesn’t require too much time and effort. As long as you make sure you’ve added the required elements, you’re good to go!

Content Creator – Make sure to include the content creator, so they get the full credit.
Images – Always remember to give pictures of the content so that the people can know what they’re about to download. Remember the saying :: No pics, no clicks!
Social Media – If the creator has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media account they can be followed at, it’s nice to include it. The support will help them a lot!
Links – How can people download the content of you don’t give them the opportunity? Always give a link to the original forum post of the content found on websites like MCPE Hub, MCPE Universe, Minecraft Forums, etc. If you have permission from the creator to post direct download links of the content, that’s also always an option.

To add the download link, a featured video, or the display category (the [prefix] in titles), use the GUI elements in the web editor, or the following codes in the wordpress mobile app:

The dashes are there so they aren't activated. Remove the dashes if using
[-cat cat="Mod"] for the Mod display category
[-link title="Title of link" link=""]
[-yt link=""]

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  • PocketMines commented on 21/02/2015 Reply

    Very cheesy

    • Cozy Dude commented on 21/02/2015 Reply

      k nub

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